Yamaha announce the MT-07 for 2014


In some news today coming directly out of the Japanese racing team known as Yamaha, we have exciting news for motorbike enthusiasts around the world, and it comes in the shape and form of the MT-07 which is all set for release this year. The latest MT-07 in two wheeled technology from the brand,in terms of look and styling design, looks similar in looks to that of the Triumph Imperial that was released to the world back in 2012. But this MT-07  model comes in a neat looking cross combination of Grey, Purple and black, which we think looks good for the MT-07.


So what production work has gone into the MT-07 Yamaha

Over recent years, Yamaha have definitely cemented their legacy, in the motorbike world with the inclusion of some truly magnificent models available in the two wheeled range. Some of these models including the likes of the, R1 and the R6. Throughout the companies history,they have always been well renowned for their range in power and comfort of sports bikes and tourer models available on the market and hope to set the same trend with the MT-07.


This year we see the welcome addition of the MT-07 model to the ever growing line up, which comes complete with, a liquid cooled,689cc, two cylinder engine with, with 10 spoke cast, aluminium wheels to match. The whole hud display comes all in LED lighting. A monocross rear suspension system has also been put into place on this model, to allow a much more smooth riding experience.


The main updates to the machine itself over other models in the companies line up, is the inclusion of a brand new revamped chassis and frame which comes in the form of, aluminium and slim steel, which allows for a much more dynamic and agile performance all round. LED tail lights at the rear of the machine also come as a part of the package, which we think make this machine look particularly nice. We think one of the most stand out features on this particular motorbike comes in the shape of the fuel gage and, gear shift indicator that light’s up with the beautiful LED lights on the HUD. With all of this in mind, we think this particular bike could be set to be a huge rival for the likes of the new GSXR from Suzuki.


When does the MT-07 get released and with what price tag ?

In terms of a releasing schedule on the bike itself, you can purchase your MT model right now from your nearest Yamaha dealership, and you can purchase the brand new MT-07 at a cost of £6,799.

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