Triumph Thunderbird LT set to be a star in 2014 ?

Triumph model

In some motorbike news today coming fresh out of the British manufacturing team known as Triumph, we are happy to report on the latest news incoming, regarding brand new motorbikes set to take this year by storm for the brand, mainly coming down to the recently unveiled Thunderbird LT model that arrive sometime throughout this year. The latest model from triumph is built for power, and also with comfort in mind. The model itself looks somewhat similar to that of a Harley Davidson motorbike and looks very nice in the screenshots that have been recently shown online in a metallic blue sort of colour which looks fantastic in our opinion for current design and future design on some other triumph motorbikes , although we are almost sure plenty of other colors will be available for purchase on your two wheeled motorbike upon the time of purchase, if you indeed decide as a Triumph owner to make the switch or even come to Triumph for the first time from another well known brand such as the likes of, Honda, Yamaha or Suzuki amongst many others.

So what has been done on the Triumph machine during production time ?

In terms of the production process on the motorbike itself, it is said that has been a long and drawn out one, but the wait should definately be worth it in our honest opinion. There is a lot of hype and anticipation surrounding the Triumph  Thunderbird model which is due for a 2014 release and we personally believe that if the hype and anticipation is anything to go by this model of bike could very well prove to be one of the finest in the companies history. So production wise, what’s been done to the bike to make it worth considering? . Well firstly the model comes complete with a liquid cooled, 1699cc engine that carries a great exhaust with chrome plated silencers. The use of  a six speed gearbox,a twin sided steel swingarm,with a 4.2 litre oil capacity.  In terms of features that come with the bike in general, you get a free pair  of leather saddle cases on the rear of the two wheeled machine, a redesigned seat with a more comfortable shaping is also included. In terms of the suspension system that comes included with the bike, the machine comes complete with a set of front and rear showa forks,which are twin five way and also adjustable depending on the riders preference or sizing standards. ABS brakes come as standard on this particular model and Triumph top it all off with the inclusion of  a single Brembo calliper locked to the brakes, on both the front and rear of the motorbike.

So when does the brand new Triumph officially go on sale, and with what price tag ?

In terms of a pricing structure on the machine, sadly Triumph have not come out directly as of yet with a price for the model, but we expect this to happen within the next few months. In terms of a release date for the brand new Triumph thunderbird, we expect this model to be available in your nearest dealership within spring of this year.

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