The truth about Motorbike Gap Insurance!

What is motorbike Gap Insurance

Search Google and you will find a million different posts and opinions about motorbike gap insurance.

Some are completely correct and some can only be described as written by some very miss guided individuals.

Motorbike gap insurance is just the same as any other insurance is it all about risk.

When it comes to insurance risk is the key. No insurance motorbike gap insurance included can ever stop something from happening but it can protect you in the only way insurance can, financially when it does.

So to cut a very long story short if you can easily afford and do not mind the thought of having to absorb or pay any shortfall which created when your motorbike is written off then motorbike gap insurance is not for you.

It really is as easy as that. After all motorbike gap insurance is a very easy insurance to understand as it only ever comes into force when your motorbike is written off.  Depending upon  the level of motorbike gap cover you choose you can protect the difference between your motorbikes valuation on the day it is written off and the replacement cost, the invoice price or the outstanding finance.


After all is you can afford to loose to absorb a few thousand pounds and dont see any problem then you will see absolutely no benefit in protecting yourself against it happening.

Just remember that motorbikes are just like any other depreciating asst an will loose value over time. For example a Ducati Dival Carbon Red starts from £15995 as a brand new bike. Within three minutes we found a two month old bike with delivery mileage for £2500 less with some nice optional extras.

So what would happen if you had bought the Carbon red on a finance package and it was stoeln three months later and had no form of motorbike gap? Don’t forgat that your own insurance company will only give you the market value on the day it was written off , in this example that could have been over £2500.

So lets look at a BMW R 1200 GS Adventure which again is currently on offer for £11645 for the standard bike. Three and a half years later your bike is stolen again you had no form of motorbike gap..  Again within two minutes we can check that they are currently being sold for in the region of £5,000 – £6,000. You where lucky and you paid cash so there is no finance to settle so what happens now?

Well you could buy another 3 or four year old bike or use your savings to buy another. In this example a standard return to invoice motorbike gap insurance would have protected the invoice price you paid essentially giving you the original purchase price you paid back.

So the truth about motorbike gap insurance well it works and it does not have to cost a fortune but it is always your choice!

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