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In some SFV news today coming directly out of the Japanese motorbike firm known as Suzuki, we are pleased to report on the latest news, that comes in the form of the release of the SFV650 that has recently gone on sale to UK customers here, and across other various parts of the world, and is available for purchase at your nearest dealership right now.The SFV itself we believe to be a fresh look for a Suzuki branded model, what we mean by this is that, the bike itself, looks somewhat different in terms of styling and shape to what you would usually be acustomed to when it comes to a two wheeled machine from the iconic brand. In terms of the color system in place, we believe this to be fresh as well, as the base standard color for the SFV comes in the form of black and orange, which we believe looks great, but will eventually come down to the consumers preference.


What whent into the SFV650 during manufacturing time ?

In terms of the production aspect of the SFV , a lot of time is believed to have been spent working on the specific, power and styling of this particular vehicle, and with the moto’s recent release, we do believe that this welcome addition could prove to have what it takes to make it big over the duration of the next few years in the motorbike world, if the SFV has the success that the brand are indeed hoping for. So with that being said, what has been done to the model specifically ? . Well firstly we see the inclusion of a, 645cc,V Twin engine, with an advanced fuel injection system fitted directly to the engine components of the SFV, to allow a much more smooth fuel intake efficiency, and a overall better experience for the rider. Front and rear adjustable suspension system. An LCD screen also comes as part of the package, and provides a lovely looking HUD display to add to the excitement.


A few more key features of the bike we believe to be, the welcome inclusion of front and rear disc brakes,with a six speed transmission system and, electronic ignition system all put into place throughout the course of the Manufacturing process. With these combined attributes, we believe this model could be a top class contending rival for the the likes of, Yamaha,Honda and Ducati with some of their recent 650 models to make their mark on the bike market around the world.


So what’s the going price for the 650 SFV ?

In terms of a release date time for this brand new addition, we are pleased to confirm that the bike is officialy available to purchase right now from your nearest Suzuki dealership around the world. In terms of a pricing structure for the SFV650, we are happy to report that you can make an investment into the SFV for a cost of £6,399.

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