Suzuki confirm the brand new GSXR-1000 for this year!


In some news today aimed specifically at the motorbike universe, the popular and well loved Japanese car and motorbike brand Suzuki, have officially announced the production aspect and design details on a brand new GSXR model set to see its debut at some point throughout this year. Over the years the GSXR line of two wheeled machine have become a fantastic seller for the company, if not one of their biggest selling motorbike models of all time. The company behind the idea are hoping that this latest addition to the line will prove to be no different and will be set to take motorbike fans all over the world by storm upon its release this year, onto the global motorbike market.


So what’s been used during the production process on the SuzukiGSXR-1000 ?

Without a shadow of a doubt, the GSXR or gixer model has many call it, have been very well established for the range of comfort and power, and combine the two to make a truly unique riding experience for most that have ever had the pleasure of enjoying this two wheeled machine. The GSXR over the years has fougt of brand rivals such as, Yamaha,Ducati,Honda and Kawasaki amongst many more. But the design aspect has always been something special. So what’s so different this time around with the GSXR. Well firstly we see the inclusion of a 999 cc engine, a six speed transmission system,that is all carried with a liquid coolant inserted neatly to the four cylinder engine layout, and also comes with a direct fuel injection system placed during the production process. There is much more that is eye catching on the bike as well such as the, newly revised front and rear suspension system that has been put into place. Abrand new oil damped, coil spring with updated disc brakes also come as part of the package aswell. In terms of the look and styling of the bike,the screenshots that have been circulating online, look somewhat plain with the majority of the colour coming mainly in white but, the seat and tank furring comes in a very nice metallic blue color , similar to that of the GSXR 650 from last year. In terms of the look of the GSXR it look’s very retro sort of style, much in the same similar layout of the Honda RC30 that was availabe for purchase many years ago now.


The GSXR comes with good and bad news

That’s right unfortunately this model, does come with some bad news, and that is that, the latest GSXR will only launch 100 models of this particular line world wide, and here in the UK we will receive just ten versions of the model, so if you are interested in this particular line we recommend you get in quick on this rare collectible. In terms of release date and pricing on the brand new GSXR, we are saddened to report that neither has been confirmed by the brand’s owners as of yet but we do expect more to be revealed on the latest gixer within the next few months upon the bike’s release.

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