Honda reveal the all new CBR 650F for 2014

Honda /Hayabusa rival

In some news today coming directly out of the Japanese car and motorbike manufactuing company known as Honda, we are pleased to report on the latest news that has broke out regarding the official debut of an all new CBR Fireblade model from the brand which comes in the shape and form of the CBR 650F, which could be set to launch along side the all new Honda CBR 300R. One of the latest two wheeled machines to be announced by the brand’w owners, sees a whole new generation and step into the future, for motorbike companies fighting it out at the top spots. Although in terms of the look and design layout of this particular machine from the successful company, it dosn’t really seem to be upgraded much, but when it comes down to the spec side of things, we think it is a whole different ball game.


What has gone into the CBR 650F during the manufacturing process ?

In terms of the techs,specs,features and gadgets on this particular model, we see the bike come complete with the warm welcome additions of, a 16 valve, four cylinder,liquid cooled engine,which is capable of 4,000 revs per minute. A forged Pivot swingarm also allows for a much more dynamic and agile performance for the rider experiencing this powerful machine in all it’s form. In terms of the nitty gritty on the model, the braking system comes with,two piston front wheel braking calipers and a single piston, positioned on the rear wheel also. Honda’s ABS security system also comes as standard on this particular model.


Both sides front and rear of the model come complete with LED lights, and we believe that the HUD meter on this motorbike, is one of the most eye catching features. What we mean by this is, we see the welcome inclusion of,a white back light for the menu, which shows a speedometer, mile counter, rev meter and of course the fuel gage. In terms of color options ahead of the time of purchase, you will be available to invest into the CBR 650R in either,pearl white,graphite black or metallic silver for your brand new CBR model. With all of these attributes combined, we believe that this CBR 650 model could prove to be a big seller amongst the, BMW,Kawasaki and Ducati models of this generation.


The brand new CBR model also comes with a range of optional extras to choose from which include the extras of,carbon look, Huggers and front mudguards,heated grips and a paddock stand.


Pricing and release structure of the all new CBR 650F

Firstly in terms of a releasing time on the all new CBR from Honda, sadly nothing has been confirmed as of yet but, we do know it will arrive in dealership’s at some point throughout the duration of this year. In terms of a pring structure on this particular model,sadly a price tag has not been confirmed to join along side the CBR 65O F either, but we do expect to have more information on the matter within the next few upcoming months.

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