Fastest bike in the world Suzuki Hayabusa set to return

Honda /Hayabusa rival

In some very exciting motorbike news today coming directly out of the Japanese motorbike manufacturer camp known as Suzuki, it has been officially confirmed that the Hayabusa model from the brand, which currently owns the record for the fastest motorbike on the earth, is officially set to make its return to the motorbike world sometime throughout this year. The hayabusa  model which has been in existence amongst the motorbike community for many years now, is officially one of the biggest selling motorbikes in the companies history, as a matter of a fact it is one of the biggest selling motorbikes in the industry today and virtually nothing has come close to being better than the Hayabusa.

What’s been used during the hayabusa production ?

Over the years the motorbike in question has been given much appraisel and respect due to its nature of comfort and more than anything its power. The model itself is indeed infamous for breaking sales records and seeing off competition from other top motorbike brand designers such as Honda,Yamaha,Suzuki, Ducati and many other manufacturers that are in existence today. So what will help this years Hayabusa remain one of the biggest motorbikes in the industry ?.


Well firstly we see the inclusion of a 1340cc, four cylinder engine that comes complete with a direct fuel injection system that is also liquid cooled, and keeps the power of the bike something truly special and the most powerful bike available on the market today. An anti lock braking system comes as standard on the model as well as it’s, Brembo brakes. The bike itself also comes with Suzuki’s, different drive mode selector, which allows the rider to adjust the bike mode according to weather conditions and preferences. The majority of the frame on the Hayabusa comes in the form of Alumium which therefore allows light agility and great performance in terms of aero dynamics and agility. A six speed transmission system has also been put in place,all topped off nicely by the Hayabusa’s clutch assist system. The Hayabusa will be set to rival many new sports models set to hit our roads this year from rival brand Honda.

So when is the new Hayabusa released and at what cost ?

Well in terms of a release date for the brand new Suzuki you can expect to make the purchase on your brand new model sometime this year, although an exact release date has not been announced as of yet, we do expect the Japanese company behind the idea to come out with this information and more closer to the time of the bikes official release. In terms of a price structure for the all new Hayabusa, we do know due to the brand stating that, the two wheeled beast will cost somewhere in the area of £10,000 with optional extras adding to the price tag.

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