Are you eligible for Motorbike Gap Insurance?

Can you buy Motorbike Gap Insurance

When you search the internet it can be difficult to get a straight answer as to if you are eligible for motorbike gap insurance.

Or even to find out what it does and how it could help you if your motor bike joins the estimated 600,000 other vehicles written off in the UK each year.

So what is motorbike gap insurance, what does it do and why should you seriously think about protecting yourself.

The simple answer is that to qualify for most levels of motorbike gap insurance there is just one qualifiying question.

Is your motorbike listed in Glass’s Guide?

If it is then if you bought your motorbike from a vat registered garage or main dealership within the last 180 days and have an invoice then you can choose from the higher levels of motorbike gap insurance such as

  • Finance gap insurance
  • Return to Invocie gap Insurance
  • Vehicle replacement gap insurance.

Even if you bought your motorbike privatley you can still protect yourself with a form of motorbike gap insurance which instead of protecting the invoice or replacement cost protects the valuation of your motorbike on the day you buy your policy.

Yes there will be other terms and conditions so you will need to read any motorbike gap insurance policy before you buy, but essentially providing that you have fully com insurance and your motorbike is listed there should be no problem. In some cases you can also find cover even if you have just third party gap insurance howvere please remember that you would only be covered if your own insurance company where happy to settle.

 A top tip before you start shopping on line is to decide what you want your motorbike gap insurance policy to do for you if your bike is written off as this will save a lot of time when comapring quotes and levels of cover.

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