Yamaha reveal their all new MT-09 concept model


In the world of motorbikes today, Japanese owned company Yamaha have revealed their latest concept bike idea to the world and it comes in the form of the mysterious MT-09. Specs and pictures have been released online regarding the new two wheeler from the company, and with its sporty style look and all black design the motorbike itself looks even more mysterious and ferocious than ever. The front of the MT and tank design for us look’s somewhat similar to that of the Triumph Tiger 800 model, minus the front screen, and has a similar sort of furring look and side panel design as that of a recent model KTM.

 Whats been put into the MT-09 to make this machine superb ?

Over the years Yamaha have become one of the biggest selling brands amongst the motorbike fan base world wide, and their success is also very familiar  on the racing scene as well, especially with their current riders, Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi.  The company are hoping to continue this trend on our roads, with the unveiling of their MT which comes complete with, a three cylinder, liquid cooled four stroke engine that is capable of hitting 10,000 revs per minute,all boosted by it’s direct fuel injection system that has been put into place. It comes with a TCI ignition system as standard,with an all electric starter system. The transmission of the MT comes in the form of a six speed manual chain system, giving the owner a much more smoother experience when getting on board this beast. It comes with a full front telescopic suspension system, where as the rear suspension varies in the form of the companies link type suspension, and built on swing arm. Hydraulic dual disc brakes and a 14 litre fuel tank capacity, help make this motorbike from the Japanese brand one of the most ideal machines for any motorbike enthusiast to own.

 So what is the going price for the MT-09 and when will it be available ?

Well we have two pieces of great news for you here now regarding the MT, the first being that you can purchase your MT-09 right now from your nearest Yamaha dealership, and last but by no means least the bike itself comes at a great all round price of just £6,799. There are other optional extras, such as the use of ABS security system and other items similar in the line available for the two wheeler destined for success, but these extras will of course cost you a bit extra on top of your MT-09 bill.

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