Yamaha launch the YFZR-125


In some news today coming directly out of the motorbike world and the Japanese manufacturing team known as Yamaha, we are pleased to report on the latest news that since its official release since last year, one of the latest, brand new 125cc models from the ever growing brand Yamaha is proving to be one of the best selling and most influential two wheeled machines available on both the new and used market in this generation. Other rival brands have been trying over the duration of the past year to knock Yamaha off of the top spots, such brands as, Aprillia,Ducati and Suzuki but as of yet none have really managed to be successful, so with that in mind, what makes the YZVR 125 from Yamaha such a success of a machine ?

Everything you need to know about the Yamaha YFZR 125

It takes something truly spectacular to be the perfect all round motorbike in this day and age, with brands releasing new bikes with so many new advancements in technology that come along with them. As companies like Honda and Kawasaki make steps into the future with machinery, what have Yamaha been doing as of late to keep up with them ?. Well firstly with the all new 125 fazer model, we see the welcome addition’s of, a 125cc engine that also comes pre fitted with, a four stroke single cylinder and direct liquid cooling system designed in order to help to the machine have a much more fuel efficient journey and a much smoother experience for both the rider and a pillion. It also comes pre packed with an electronic fuel injection system,electric starting and, a six speed manual transmission system. It is also one the lightest motorbikes available from Yamaha right now as, it comes with a lightweight steel frame and,a locked mono shock system designed to help for a much more smooth experience.

In regards to the look and design of the latest 125 Yamaha,it looks extremely similar to that of the R6 from the same brand and it comes in a base colour if blue much similar to that of the R1. It has a black and grey furring and comes complete with Blue wheels to match the paint work that has gone into this beautiful machine.

How much will the Yamaha YFZR 125 set you back ?

Well firstly in regards to when you can officially purchase your version of this latest machine, we are pleased to confirm that you can make the investment into this lovely 125 right now at your nearest Yamaha dealership and, you can expect to invest into the Yamaha YFZR 125 all at a cost of £4,349.

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