Yamaha launch the brand new R6


In some motorbike news today making its way directly out of the Japanese motorcycle firm known as Yamaha, we are pleased to report on the latest breaking news regarding the official release of the all new R6 model from the brand which certainly has the potential to dominate sales in both the new and used motorbike industry today. Over the course of the existence of Yamaha, the brand owners have been responsible for some of the biggest motorcycles in the world some of which models include the likes of, the R1 and the newly released Trio but, perhaps none finer than this all new R6 model that has recently been released onto our streets here in the UK and across other various parts of the world too.

Everything you need to know about the Yamaha R6

With that being said the all new R6 model from Yamaha has a  lot to live up to it when it comes to past addition’s for the brands range, and now the question on your mind if either your a new rider or even someone looking to change to another bike could very well be, what is so special about the new R6 and why should you choose this two wheeled machine over anything else currently on offer from other brands too such as the likes of, Honda and Suzuki ? . Well firstly, we see the addition of a 599cc engine that comes complete with a liquid cooling system designed in order to keep the air intakes a lot more steadier and to allow this machine to perform to the best of its abilities with a minimum of heat. This model comes complete with an electronic ignition system and, a wet multiple disc,clutch type. The bike also comes complete with a six speed transmission system.The motorbike also comes fully fitted with an aluminum chassis designed in order to make this machine more agile and aero dynamic than ever before. It also comes with a 17 litre, fuel tank capacity.


In regards to the look and design layout of this edition to the Yamaha range, we see the base color for this model come in a metallic blue and the layout of the bike itself looks awfully similar to that of the Honda CBR600RR. An exup exhaust system and, adjustable front forks also come as part of the package also.

How much will the new Yamaha R6 set you back ?

Well firstly in regards to an official launch date on this all new Yamaha bike, we are pleased to announce that, you can officially purchase yours right now from your nearest Yamaha dealership and, you can expect to make the investment into a brand new Yamaha R6 right now for a cost of £9,299.





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