The Yamaha XT660X the best touring bike available ?


In todays motorbike industry a lot of the focus is aimed at big 1000cc engines,650cc and 750, but a lot of the time we seem to forget the influence and impact some touring bikes have on the market around the world and some of the smaller models that have brought big companies like Yamaha to the top of their level.For Yamaha the likes of the R1 and the R6 have proven to be big contenders in the food chain of motorcycles and, we believe that out of the smaller models that the company have on offer the likes of the latest XT660X model has certainly proven to be one of the finest motorbike tourers on the market today.


What helps the Yamaha XT660X make an impact ?

So what has gone into this particular Yamaha XT660X model during production time to help it stand out amongst it’s piers and why should you choose to make the investment into this specific tourer model over any other tourers currently on offer from rival motorbike brand such as the likes of, Honda,KTM and Ducati ?. Well firstly we see the welcome addition of a single cylinder liquid cooled engine which is said to have more improved handling for a smaller bike than ever before. It comes prefitted with a 660cc engine an electronic starter and an electronic fuel injection system designed to help boost a more rapid response to the throttle and accelerator. A five speed transmission system and 15 litre fuel tank capacity also come thrown in as part of the Yamaha package too.


In regards to the overall look and design layout of the XT660X model, we see this bike made available in two different paint schemes, the first being all black, and the second coming in mostly white with black features.It shares a similar sort of look to a motorcross machine and both brakes benefit from hydraulic single discs.


How much does the Yamaha XT660X sell for ?

Well firstly we are pleased to inform you that this all new Yamaha model is available for purchase right now from your nearest Yamaha dealership’s wherever in the world you are. In regards to the price tag that comes along with this specific Yamaha model, expect to pay an overall cost of £6,599 for your brand new XT660X.

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