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In some of the latest motorbike industry news today to come straight from the Japanese firm Yamaha. We today have a look into the world crosser model from the mass manufacturer that has previously seen a launch here in the UK and across other parts of the world too and has certainly proven to be a good selling two wheeled machine. Over the past few years Yamaha have certainly put themselves on the map with models such as the R1 and the R6 which have proven to be good selling sports machines but, what is it about the Yamaha World crosser that makes it stand out in today’s current crop of motorbikes ?.

Everything you could ever want to know about the Yamaha Worldcrosser

What does this machine have that makes it stand out you ask ?. Well for starters this bike from Yamaha is a touring style machine and shares some of the same features that BMW tourer’s have. For a visual image think of the long way round. The vehicle itself is great for traveling whether it be on smooth roads of even rough surfaces we think this could be the ideal machine for you. The bike itself comes fully fitted with, an inline shaft drive,two cylinder engine. It has an adjustable seat to measure to your height needs. Both the front and rear suspension systems are fully adjustable too. Tubeless aluminium rims and ABS also come as part of the package too. The bike comes with an electronic fuel injection system too and a fully electric starter system with a six speed transmission system as standard.

In regards to the overall look and layout of the bike itself, we see the model come to a similar layout of the BMW tourer as we previously stated. The bike comes in a dark blue colour,with a black seat and spoked wheels. So with these perfect attributes in mind, we believe that this model could very well prove to be an ideal rival for similar vehicles from the likes of, Kawasaki,KTM and Suzuki.

What is the retail price for the Yamaha worldcrosser ?

Firstly we are pleased to inform you that, you can make the purchase on this all new Yamaha machine right now from your closest Yamaha dealership’s around the country and the world right now and you can make the investment into this brand new model right now at a cost of £11,999.



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