The Yamaha Trio is revealed

In Yamaha news today we are pleased to reveal that the latest addition to the Yamaha motorbike franchise has recently been revealed in Milan Italy and is being called the Yamaha Trio. The latest in the long line of Yamaha’s revealed over the years has been tremendous but the brand new Yamaha Trio that has recently been revealed at the EICMA show in Milan could prove to be one of the companies biggest sellers of all time.


Why do we think the Trio is great? Lets see

There are a lot of reasons why we think that the Trio may be a huge seller amongst the bike market. The first thing we noticed about Yamaha’s latest addition is the amount of improvements on features and tweaking Yamaha have brought to the table, that compared to previous models. Some of these include: A liquid cooled 689cc two cylinder four stroke engine.It comes fitted as a similar¬† twin motor design,It has six speed transmission. The main thing we have noticed is the amount of tweaking to the cylinders on the Trio. For example the main thing is its cylinder is better designed for increased fuel efficiency which we believe is one of the most efficient from Yamaha in recent years. They are direct plated and come along with forged pistons to match. It comes set with a four valve design and weighs in total 179kg. Enough to challenge any rival including the likes of Honda and Suzuki.


How much will the Yamaha Trio cost and when can I have it

Sadly we can not give a release date for the launch of the Yamaha Trio just yet as it is yet to be revealed by Yamaha directly. We can however report that the Trio will be set to come at a price of around £5,000. You can get your first look at the Yamaha Trio this month at the Birmingham motorcycle and scooter show.

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