The Yamaha FZ1


In an all new write up one of the best motorbikes available on the market today, we are going to focus today on the FZ1 model from very well established motorbike brand Yamaha. The FZ1 or Fazer as people often refer to it as, could very well be one of the finest two wheeled machines ever designed from the Japanese mass manufacturer and could very well be the machine that takes us through into the future of both our new and used motorbike market. Over the years, Yamaha have had many big sellers on their hands when it comes to the motorbike side of things, some of these models include the likes of the,R1 and the R6 which are world renown. What about this all new FZ1 model though and, what does Yamaha have to offer when it comes down to making the investment into one of these brand new additions to the bike world ?.

What makes the Yamaha FZ1 stand out ?

So with that being said, it would certainly take something special in order to beat sales figures on some famous bikes such as the likes of the R1 and R6 and we believe that is exactly what has been done to the FZ1 during its time on the production line and we see this come in to play by the warmly welcomed addition’s of, a 998 cc,super sport engine. The model also comes fully fitted with an aliminium frame that makes for a good lightweight machine when it comes to agility and performance. This Yamaha addition comes with dual front disc brakes and the rear of the bike also comes fully fitted with,an extra long, swingarm suspension system too. The seat on the machine is also pointed which means that you are closer to the tank on the motorbike and closer to the handlebars which means more weight is shifted down the front end of the bike which in our opinion is a good thing.

In regards to the look and layout of this Yamaha model, we see the bike available in either a silver or black paint job with a front end that looks similar to the lights used on  a KTM motorbike these days.  All in all we think this machine could very well be that perfect all round riding experience for a new or experienced biker. So with these key attributes in mind we do believe that, this all new bike will be a great rival for similar machines from the likes of, Honda and Suzuki.

What is the invoice price for a Yamaha FZ1 ?

Firstly we are pleased to announce that, you can officially invest into a brand new Yamaha FZ1 model right now from your closest Yamaha showroom and, you can expect to invest into this brand new Yamaha motorbike for a cost of £9,199.

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