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Yamaha fazer one branded

In some motorbike industry news today, we are pleased to report on one of the latest touring models from the Japanese owned motorbike brand known as Yamaha and their FZ1 model, or as many refer to it as, the Fazer. Over the years Yamaha have certainly proven to be one of the leaders in the motorbike world and have proven this time and time again with some perfect all round vehicles such as the R1 and the R6. What is it about this latest FZ1 model though that outshines everything else currently on offer and, why should you choose to make the investment into this brand new model over other models currently available in both the new and used bike market ?.

What makes the Yamaha FZ1 stand out in the motorbike world ?

So with that being said, what is it about this latest Yamaha model that makes it shine brighter than anything else currently on offer in the motorbike world and why should you invest into the Fazer over anything else on offer from rival brands such as the likes of, Honda,Suzuki or Kawasaki ?. Well firstly we see the welcome additions of, a 998cc super sport engine that comes complete with four cylinders. The machine has an aluminium chassis therefore allowing a much more lightweight and more agile performing motorbike than most others on offer. The suspension system has also been upgraded with this model as we see the addition of a longer swingarm on the bike.The bike also benefits from dual front disc brakes and fully adjustable damper forks located at the front of the machine.

In regards to the look and design layout of the bike itself, we see the model come in a jet black colour or white is also an option at the time of purchase too. We see the bike come in the form of a six speed transmission system and, an electronic fuel injection system also comes thrown in as part of the package too.

What is the purchase price on the Yamaha FZ1

So firstly, we are pleased to report that, you can make the investment into this brand new Yamaha machine right now at your local Yamaha showroom around the country. As for the price tag that comes along with this model, we are pleased to report that you can purchase your brand new Yamaha FZ1 at a cost of £9,799.

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