The Moto GP returns this Sunday!

Valentino Rossi says he wishes he was raised in the 60's

In some exciting  news today for the motorbike industry and all of you racing fans out there, we are excited about this weekend with the official return of the Moto GP world championship which returns for 2014. The Moto GP has been off our screens for a number of months now and this weekend it returns with a vengeance. It was just under  a year ago that Honda rider Marc Marquez made his grand debut on the Moto GP stage and won his first ever season, whilst in the progress making him the youngest ever rider to win the Moto GP world championship in his first year. With former world champion of Yamaha Jorge Lorenzo looking to regain his championship can he have the determination once more to take it back from the Honda rider. That is not the only controversy heading into this years season though as since, the last race of 2013 a lot of rumors have been thrown about and a lot of changes have been made.

One more Moto GP for Valentino Rossi ?

So with that being said, over the past number of months a few big changes have been made to line ups and overall teams for the Moto GP.  One of these big changes is Yamaha rider Valentino Rossi who has let go of his former crew chief Jerry Burgess and replaced him with his own team heading into this years season. Valentino has also stated that if he does not do well this time around he may very well hang up his boots and end such a long and prestigious career, other sources have also stated that he may see how he does for the first six races and make an early decision to leave then. Ultimately this down to the man himself and time will tell on this situation.

Former Kawasaki racer, British born Cal Crutchlow has also made a controversial move from a Kawasaki machine to a Ducati machine for this years  Moto GP season. He was the only rider last year that did not have a satelite bike and this year his dream comes true, or does it ?. It is no secret that Ducati have not been doing well over the past few years and many are saying that Cal making the move to the race team this year will be a bad one for his career but, will this prove to be the case ?.

Moto GP makes the move

For us UK based fans here the Moto GP championship has been a huge part of the BBC company for many years but now the sport makes the move to BT Sport which is a subscription based channel. So now the question is have many made the move along with them to keep tabs on the goings on ?. The show will now feature a whole new cast before the races and a brand new commentary team. Whatever the outcome though, we believe that this years Moto GP season is not one to be missed by any means.


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