The latest Yamaha R1 to be the best as of yet ?


In some motorbike news today coming directly out of the Japanese Motorbike team known as Yamaha, we are excited to report on one of the latest machines to be released by the big time selling brand which comes in the shape and form of the all new Yamaha R1 and in our opinion looks better than ever and could prove to be the king amongst older R1 and R6 models. Yamaha have always proven to be a truly magnificent master of the craft when it comes to making the perfect all round two wheeled machine and judging by the techniques used and time spent on the all new Yamaha R1 this looks to change no time soon.

So what makes the new Yamaha R1 stand out above all of the rest ?

History for the ever growing company has of course proven that they know how to build a great motorbike and what better way have they gone and done it by building the likes of the original R1 models and R6 which are as popular today as they ever were. So that leaves the question, what is so special about this all new R1 that makes it stand out above all of the others in the brands history? .Well firstly we see the welcome additions of,a 998cc, liquid cooled, four stroke engine complete with four cylinders. This model also comes complete with a Direct fuel injection system put in place also to help a much more efficient and smooth riding experience for the rider and a passenger. We see the transmission system come complete as a six speed system that comes with a constant mesh, electronic starter system. In terms of how dynamic this model is,we see the chassis come made completely out of, Aluminium and comes with Hydraulic brakes for both the front and rear of the Yamaha machine itself, and comes complete with an 18 litre fuel tank capacity.

In regards to the look and design of the motorbike, we see this bike original base colour, come in a mat black colour as the base, but there are other colour schemes available to the customer ahead of the time of purchase.  In terms of the body layout of the bike it shares a same similar design style of the Repsol blade from Honda and could be a potential rival for the likes of Suzuki with their GSXR models and some Ducati models sharing the same engine.


Pricing and release structure on the all new Yamaha R1

Firstly in regards to when this motorbike is officially launched by Yamaha, we are pleased to report that you can officially purchase your all new R1 right now from your nearest selected Yamaha dealership, and you can expect to invest into this model of Yamaha R1 from a starting price of £12,399.

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