The latest in Aprilia technology..The Tuono V4 R model

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In some news today coming out of the motorbike world and to be more specific, the Piagio owned brand Ducati, we are pleased to report on the news of the latest piece of two wheeled machinery to come out of the brand which comes in the shape and form of the Tuono V4 motorbike, that could be set to take the world by storm and be one of the biggest bikes to come out of the brand over recent memory. In terms of looks and design of the body’s layout of the  Tuono motorbike, we think that this particular model looks somewhat similar to that of the, Triumph speed model that was released a number of years ago from the Triumph company in terms of the tank layout and body sculptured design. But time will tell as to wether or not the two wheeler Tuono will  become as big as the Triumph model or potentially even bigger.

The specs and techs of the all new Aprilia Tuono

Regarding building a great machine for the motorbike industry, Aprilia have always been a big time player when it comes to designing 125cc models, as their range of 125 have proven to be one of the most successful selling machines when it comes to, new riders making their first investment into a motorbike. But now the brand take a dabble into the 0ver 900 cc version of machine, and we see this with the inclusion of a, 999 cc engine to the Tuono ,that is liquid cooled,and comes in the form of a four cylinder, four stroke design process. A nice little bonus of this model in our opinion is the silencer that comes pre fitted onto the exhaust system, which makes for a great touch. A six speed manual gearbox also comes as part of the package, with a front air suspension kit consisting off,forged aluminium, with caliper mounting, to allow for a much more softer and much more smooth riding experience, for both the rider and a pillion.

In regards to the braking system that comes pre fitted onto the Tuono , we see the ever so welcome additions of Brembo Monobloc brakes on the front and rear of the machine,and in terms of the fuel capacity this machine will hold, it is quite remarkable, as we say this bike hold a total of,18.5 litres of fuel, with a four litre reserve.  With all of these perfect attributes combined, we strongly believe that this model will be a top contender for the likes of KTM with their 1290 super duke model, and Triumph with their speed king and triple models.

Pricing and release structure of the Aprilia Tuono

Well firstly in terms of a time of release for this particular Tuono model, we are happy to report that you can officially purchase and ride your new Tuono machine home right now from your nearest Aprilia dealership and you can expect to invest into this all new Tuono model for the cost of £12,432.

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