The Kawasaki ER 6F one of the best motorbikes available ?

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In a look today at some most recent motorbike releases onto the market here in the UK and across other parts of the world too from Kawasaki We take a look at Kawasaki and one of their latest machiens to hit the road which comes your way in the shape and form of the all new ER 6F model. Over the years Kawasaki have certainly asserted themselves as one of the leading providers in the motorbike industry, not just here in Britain but across other various countries too. We have seen some good performing models and big seller such as the likes of the Ninja and the 1400cc model come from the Kawasaki brand and we believe that, with the launch of this all new ER 6F model the company will continue a reign of dominance for many years to come.


What makes the Kawasaki ER 6F something special ?

So with that being said, what has gone into the brand new ER 6F model during production time to make it stand out as one of the must own motorcycles in the world today ?. Well we believe that this model could prove to be a great rival for the likes of Honda with the CBR600RR model, Suzuki with the GSXR 750 and the likes of Yamaha with the R6. So firstly with a look into the engine and performance we see the welcomed addition of a four stroke engine that comes completely liquid cooled,the model benefits from an electric starter system and we also see the additon of a digital ignition system thrown into the mix too. To add to the excitement we see the inclusion of a direct fuel injection system too. We think that a six speed transmission system and a 16 litre fuel tank capacity also add to the fun too.


How much will the Kawasaki ER 6F set you back ?

Before we jump straight into the pirce tag that comes along with this Kawasaki model, we are pleased to inform you that you can make the purchase on this brand new model right now from Kawasaki showroom’s all round the world. In regards to that price tag that comes along with the ER 6F, expect to own this beautiful Kawasaki model for a cost of £5,649 or £6,049 for ABS fitting too.

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