The Honda VFR 1200F one of the best sports tourers ?

Honda /Hayabusa rival

In the motorbike industry today there are many models that have certainly proven to be game changers around the world from different manufacturers but Honda have taken the game to a whole new level in our opinion with the addition of the VFR 1200F model which is available right now all around the world. Over the years Honda have released many great machines some of which include the likes of the, CBR 6OORR model, and the Repsol fire blade. What makes the VFR1200F stand out though ?. Well the model is a sports tourer machine so therefore we believe that straight away it could be a strong potential rival for the likes of BMW. We think that there is very little out there in regards to sports tourer’s that could match the  Honda VFR 1200F.


What went into the Honda VFR 1200F during production time ?

Well it would take something special to be included during production to class this as one of the best sports tourer’s out there considering the amount of tough competition from the likes of Yamaha and Kawasaki too. So firstly we see the inclsion of a 1200cc engine that comes fully liquid cooled,with a computer controlled ignition system. It has a six speed transmission system as standard,and an electric starter also comes thrown into the mix too. A direct fuel injection system helps benefit the bike to a much more direct and agile performance. The front brakes on the VFR 1200F are perhaps one of the finer components as, we see six piston calipers come as part of the deal for the front brake and for the rear we see two piston calipers. The VFR is available also in two different paint jobs which comes in silver or black. Our choice would be the Black.


How much is the purchase price for the Honda VFR 1200F ?

Well before we jump into the price tag that comes along with this Honda machine we are pleased to tell you that you can purchase it right now from Honda showroom’s up and down the country and across other parts of the world too. In regards to how much it will set you back, expect to pay a cost of £12,999 for a brand new Honda VFR 1200F model.

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