The Honda 125R one of the finest available ?

Honda /Hayabusa rival

In some motorbike industry news today we are pleased to report on one of the finest 125R models that have been made available and come straight from the Japanese car and motorbike firm known as Honda. The latest model from the brand could very well be one of the finest 125 models that have ever graced the motorbike world. It has been receiving some really good reviews and could very well rival other top motorbike companies that currently have 125 models on offer from brands such as the likes of, Yamaha,Kawasaki and Suzuki. The latest Honda 125 model looks very similar in terms of looks and color to that of the fire blade 1000cc model which also comes in the Honda HRC colors but, what makes this model stand out above all others currently on offer not just here in the UK but, across other parts of the world too.

What makes the Honda 125R stand out above all competition ?

So with that being said, what has gone into this all new 125 model to make it stand out above the rest and why do we think that this all new model will be one of the finest yet ?. Well firstly we see the welcome addition’s of, an electric starter,that comes with a 125 engine that is also liquid cooled to allow a much more smooth and direct flow to the tank and to help improve on air intake. The model comes with a six speed transmission system and a wet multiple clutch. The bike comes complete with Monobloc brakes with a single piston caliper at the rear of the bike and dual piston calipers for the front of the motorbike itself.

In regards to how the Honda machine looks, as we stated we see the Honda racing colors on the paint job of the bike and it has a large screen to allow you to really get your head down and boost performance. The model comes with a large exhaust system too. The only thing were not too fond of is the registration plate which is balancing above the rear tyre but this is nothing a tail tidy kit will not fix.

How much will the Honda CBR 125 R set you back ?

Firstly we are pleased to announce that, you can officially make the investment into one of these brand new bikes right now from your closest Honda dealership and, you can expect to invest into this model of Honda CBR 125 R model for a cost of £3,599.

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