The Ducati 899 Panigale the best superbike on the market ?

Ducati get new boss

In a look today at some of the finest motorbikes on the road, we look at Ducati and one of their machines that are available on the market today and it comes your way in the shape and form of the all new 899 Panigale model. The bike itself is a sports/superbike and could very well be one of the finest addition’s to the Ducati range yet. Over the years Ducati have been one of the leaders around the world and we have seen them have success with models such as the likes of the 998 and the 999. So what is it about this all new 899 Panigale model that makes it stand out amongst the rest and why should you choose to make the investment into it ?.

The key selling points of the Ducati 899 Panigale

So what has gone into this parituclar bike during it’s time on the production line to help it stand out as a front runner on the bike market and why should you choose to make the investment into this particular model over anything similar from rival brand’s including the likes of Yamaha,Suzuki and Honda ?. Well firstly we see the welcome addition’s of,an 898cc engine that comes fully liquid cooled. The engine itself will produce 10,750 revs per minute and comes complete with an electronic fuel injection system. A six speed transmission system as standard and Aluminium frame also come thrown in as part of the package too.

In regards to the overall look and design aspect of the bike itself, we see this model available in two seperate paint schemes, the first being the classic Ducati red colour system and the second being full white.

How much does the Ducati 899 Panigale sell for ?

Firstly we are pleased to inform you that this Ducati model can be invested into right now from dealership’s up and down the United Kingdom. In regards to the price tag that comes along with this machine, expect to make the investment for an all round cost of £12,495 for your brand new Ducati 899 Panigale.

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