The Aprillia RS4 50 is unleashed

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In some news today coming directly out of the, Italian motorbike manufacturing team known as Aprillia, we are excited to report on the latest news regarding the grand launch of the companies brand new RS4 50 motorbike that could be set to top sales charts and selling history for the brand throughout their existence, and could even boost them higher up in the top spots, so they rival the likes of other bike brands such as, Italian rival Ducati,Honda and Suzuki amongst many more. The latest two wheeled machine from the company comes in the shape and form of  A 50cc engine, which is even smaller than the 125 models that Aprillia are mostly associated with. In terms of the look and design aspect of the vehicle, we think that it looks pretty similar in regards to the body layout of that of the all new, 600cc repsol, fireblade that has been recently launched within the last few weeks by Japanese company Honda and,the base color comes in the way of,black with red,green and white Italian Aprillia  color’s to top it off nicely.

Everything you need to know about the Aprillia RS4 50

Aprillia have always made a great motorcycle especially when it comes to the line of 125cc engine’s which the brand are notorious for but, what happens when a loved company decides to dip into something smaller like the 50cc line. Well this is where the RS4 50 comes into play. As to what has gone into this two wheeled piece of art, we see the latest Aprillia 50cc model come complete with the additions of, a single cylinder two stroke,50cc engine,that also comes with a liquid cooling system fitted into the bike. We think that some of the most eye catching features of the new Aprillia are its braking system that has been installed, we see this in the front wheel with a, stainless steel, four piston caliper and, a single piston caliper on the rear wheel.  It also comes with a six speed transmission system in place too, allowing for a much more smooth and agile performance for the bike, so even though your riding a 50cc engine, it feels much more due to the Aprillia  technology used in the process.

Finally we think the screens will be a big boost for sales too, what we mean by this is that we see, the use of LCD screens which contain the speedometer and fuel gage and a digital clock. With all of these perfect attributes combined, it could indeed prove to be a great rival for the likes of Yamaha and Suzuki.

Pricing and release time on the all new Aprillia RS4 50

Well firstly regarding an official release time on this particular model, we are pleased to report that you can invest into this all new 50cc machine right now from your nearest selected dealership, and you can expect to invest into the all new Aprillia RS4 50 for a cost of £3,371.

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