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In some fresh news today making its way out of the motorbike industry and the Japanese owned motorbike and car firm known as Suzuki, we are pleased to report on the brand new launch of the all new Intruder C800C model which has been released onto our streets here in the UK and across other parts of the world too. Over the years the Suzuki brand have had many great selling models, some of which come in the form of, the GSXR 1000CC bike and of course the GSXR 750CC machine. What is it about this all new addition to the Intruder family though that makes it stand out above these models and why should you choose to purchase this new Suzuki model ?.


Everything you need to know about the Suzuki C800C

So what is it about this all new Suzuki model that makes it stand out in both the new and used motorbike industry and why should you choose to invest into this Intruder model over other rival motorbike brands such as the likes of,Honda,Kawasaki and Ducati ?. Well firstly we see the addition of,an 805 cc engine,that comes with two cylinders,that is liquid cooled and comes in the form of a four stroke. The bike comes with a direct fuel injection system and is also joined along side by an electronic ignition system. The Intruder also comes complete with a five speed,transmission system.


In regards to the overall look and design of the bike itself, we see the Intruder look very similar to past Intruder models with dual exhaust pipes and a large front headlight. The bike comes with a lighweight chassis and we believe that it may be one of the smoothest and most dyanmic riding experiences in many years.


What is the purchase price on the brand new Suzuki C800C model ?

So with that being said,we are pleased to inform you that the Intruder C800C model is officially available for purchase right now from Suzuki dealership’s around the UK and other parts of the world too. In regards to a price tag that comes with this Suzuki model, you can expect to invest into this brand new machine at a cost of £6,865.

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