Suzuki C1500 T Intruder one of the best so far ?

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In some news today coming directly out of the Japanese owned motorcycle company known as Suzuki, we are pleased to have learned that the latest intruder model from the brand which comes in the shape and form of the C1500T, has been receiving some truly great reports and write ups from Consumer’s and road testers alike.


Over the past few years, Suzuki have mainly focused on sports style models such as the, additions to the GSXR line up which come in the form of, 650 and 1000cc engine sizes mostly, and they also hold the record for the Hayabusa being the fastest motorbike available on the market today. But the brand are also well known for their big Intruder models that also contribute a huge number of sales towards the motorbike company.


What’s been included on the brand new Intruder model from Suzuki ?

In terms of the brand Intruder itself, the bike comes in that classic unique body design as its older brothers and sisters available in the line up as of this writing, in terms of the base color model which is the standard, we see this come in straight up black color, but the options of a limited range of other color also come as part of the deal ahead of the time of purchase on your all new motorbike from the Japanese mass manufacturer.


In terms of the engine size and features of this particular model,we see this come in the shape and form of a, 1,462cc, V twin engine.In regards to the engine, it also comes with a fuel injection system that has been put in place and helps provide the bike and it’s rider with a much more forceful and direct riding experience on this motorbike.


In terms of some key components and features that come included with the purchase on the latest Intruder model, we see the welcome addition’s of, the standard tourer windscreen,a re designed saddle and re designed and larger foot boards for both rider and passenger. In terms of the gadgets and unique features on this vehicle, we see the warm welcome additions of,a large updated analogue system,a brand new digital display featuring a revamped gear indicator,a fuel Gage , built in clock and an all new trip meter. Therefore in our opinion proving to be a great contender for the top spot, from the likes of other brands such as, Kawasaki and Ducati.


Release time and pricing structure that comes along with the new Intruder

Well firstly in regards to an official release date on this particular Intruder model, we are pleased to report that you can make the investment into a brand new Intruder model right now at your nearest Suzuki dealership, and Intruder C1500T comes at a cost of £10,999.

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