Superbike world champ Laverty set to join suzuki for 2014


In motorbike racing news today, we can officially report as it has been confirmed by racing company Suzuki, that super bike world Champion Eugene Laverty has agreed to sign a deal with one of the world’s leading bike manufacturers in Suzuki for next years super bike world championship. Laverty who has had much experience all over the world and in most race classes and leagues has been hugely successful over the most part of his career, and he is hoping that Suzuki can boost his career further aswell with another possible superbike world championship win.

Eugene Laverty, his history set in stone

As we previously noted the experience of Eugene Laverty on a big time stage is not somewhat limited, he has raced all over the world and has claimed numerous world title victories. In 2011 Eugene Laverty made the move from world super sport racing to the world super bikes, as he took residence as part of the Aprillia racing team alongside former now retired world Moto gp champion Max Biaggi. Laverty’s brother being Michael Laverty is currently racing for Moto gp but not doing so well against the big time players. In recent weeks Eugene has been noted as saying he would love to one day rise to the big leagues of the Moto gp and follow in his brothers footsteps. Before that moment comes though he has made a long awaited switch from his team of the last three years Aprilia to Suzuki for next years super bike world championship season.

Suzuki and Laverty to be untouchable in world super bike 2014?

After three years with the Aprillia racing team and Max Biaggi, Eugene has finally decided to make the switch and start a new season with Suzuki instead. He was offered a year’s contract which he has signed up for with the possibility of an extended contract term if he is to do well on the brand new Suzuki gsxr 1000 to hit the tracks of the superbike season in 2014. Suzuki and Laverty fans alike are hoping that the Suzuki switch willl make him world champion next year. With a previously ending posiition in the season at 6th place, it will take something special to get Laverty in the big leagues again, but will the move to Suzuki be what makes Laverty champion again.

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