Riders on motorbikes harder to see on roads?

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According to a recent survey from the AA, 85% of drivers have said that they believe people on motorbikes are hard to see. These statistics were presented by Edmund King, who is the current president of the AA, whilst in London this week addressing motorbiking conference on Sharing the roads.It was also concerning to see that this particular survey also showed that 57% of drivers admitted that they are usually surprised when a motorbike just appears from nowhere when they are driving on the roads. Edmund King however has stressed that he believes that a more pronounced and clearer approach from the people in charge of transport policy could increase motorbike awareness greatly. He explained that there has been a lot of talk recently about improving cyclist safety from the Prime Minister, though there seems to have been no talk of motorbikes, it appears as though they are the forgotten cousins. He went on to say that scooters and motorbikes can help to play an extremely important role in the reducing of congestion, along with enhancing mobility in towns and cities throughout the United Kingdom.

What can be done to enhance visibility of motorbikes on our roads?

Mr King also stressed that there needs to be a step change in people’s attitudes to try and provide a positive role for the drivers on two wheels in the strategy of transport. More fuel efficient and safer motorbikes along with the serious inclusion of motorbiking within the transport policy could bring benefits for everybody on the roads. Very often, motorbiking is written off as unsafe.

The figures and statistics of peoples views on motorbikes

In the same survey from the AA, it was discovered that an increase of motorbikes on the roads would help in the visibility of motorbikes and their drivers, 54% people surveyed said that they would definitely be more aware of motorbikes, if they saw more of them on the roads. In another encouraging discovery 13% of people surveyed actually said that they would consider usingĀ  motorbikes themselves for their commute.

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