Remembrance Sunday remembered by bikers

Motorbike Poppy Appeal

In the news today, yesterday was remembrance sunday a day we honor and remember the brave and heroic efforts of our army and service men from the war and those out today in service putting their lives on the line all for our freedom. Many around the world yesterday stopped in silence and held services to honor these brave service men. There were also some unique way’s that these brave men were honored by others in the uk as well , as bikers took to the m25 in their thousands dressed in all red.


Bikers creatively honour service men on remembrance Sunday

In remembrance of our brave service men and women yesterday thousands of bikers honored  them by dressing in red and wearing red motorcycle helmets as they took to the M25 in their thousands for the full 117 miles of the m25 motorway in remembrance of the heroic efforts of our troops from the past and the present. Every year it has been tradition to wear a poppy in respect and appreciation of our troops here and overseas, in remembrance of the lives lost for our country and other countries. These thousands of bikers took to the m25 in all red to show their appreciation in a different and unique manner.


The appreciation from bikers to servicemen on remembrance Sunday

Over the years there has been a well known link between bikers and our armed services not just in this country but other countries world wide also. As many many years ago during the war’s armed troops were dispatched on motorbikes to deliver messages to and from the front lines. The idea behind the bikers dressed in red, was to make them look like a giant poppy when they all formed and united on the m25. An exact number of bikers dressed in red was not confirmed but a rough estimate would say there were around 15,000 bikers paying tribute and their respects to our service men and women in honor of remembrance Sunday.

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