New Motorcycle at Lotus


Lotus Motorcycle


The Lotus motorbike had been officially announced and released five weeks ago and announced that they will be producing a road worthy bike to go on sale in the next number of months. The engine on the bike is rumoured to have been take directly from the KTM RC8R bike.


The Lotus name and brand has been on the come back over the last number of years as it has been seen in the motoring world of Formula 1. The Lotus team has been powered by Renault engines within the sport of Formula 1 and has built a strong number of ties within the production of the cars.


The new Lotus bike will combine power via the form of V-twin engine along with a distinctive body which integrates carbon fibre, titanium and quality steel. The development of the bike was not made by the Lotus group itself and has instead decided to put the Lotus name on the model and fund the levels of mass production.


 The Lotus C-01


The C-01 model will have a number of colours and styles available on the model which will pay homage to the brand on the bike, Lotus.


The likes of Honda and BMW have achieved a considerable amount of success in the motorcycle market and plan on furthering the success of the Bike industry. However, this remains to be a different and very difficult challenge for the Lotus team.


Just over 12 months ago, Audi who of course are owned by the Volkswagen Group, decided to purchase the Ducati brand in order to rival the success of the BMW motorbike brand. Other car manufacturers such as Suzuki, have also achieved a huge amount of success in the motorcycle market.


The Lotus brand will of course be hoping to follow in the footsteps of the trio of brands BMW, Suzuki and Honda, as they look to make a big impact on the bike market across the globe.

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