Motorcyclists seriously injured whilst escaping robbery

We can report that an incident has taken place in the west end of Hull involving motorcyclists on a bike ending up seriously injured after committing a robbery on a local newsagents on Anlaby Road in the west end of Hull.  The newsagents Enid’s located at the junction of Calvert Lane Hull, was reported to have been involved in a robbery from the two stated motorcyclists just before 11am yesterday. A woman worker for the newsagents in Hull was reportedly sprayed in the face during the robbery with an unknown substance from the two stated motorcyclist’s. The woman has now been taken to the local nearby hospital for hospital treatment.

Motorcyclists injured during getaway

We can report that after the incident at the newsagents occurred, police patrols and a police chopper were in pursuit of the two motorcyclists who proceeded to ride via a public footpath in order to try and avoid following police vehicles. Once the two motorcyclists eventually returned to the road they were involved with an incident head on with another oncoming moving vehicle. For a while Calvert Lane where the incident occurred was reportedly closed and surrounded by police and emergency services.

Motorcyclists current state of health

Calvert Lane was closed yesterday during the hours of 11am and around 5.30pm. We can report that both of the motorcyclists on the bike were taken to the royal infirmary hospital for treatment yesterday with serious injuries to the motorcyclist’s after the incident. A spokesman for the police stated “The incident has been referred to the independents police commission and as a result we will not be able to comment any further”. Not a lot more Is known at this present time regarding the current health and well being of the two motorcyclists.  We will inform you of any updates on the matter and well being of the motorcyclists as it becomes available to us.

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