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Every day people around the UK have that little expectation that the weather is going to get better and maybe we may have some warm weather this Spring and Summer. Incase that day ever does arrive, motorbike enthusiasts looking to enjoy a sunny future, ┬ámay be impressed with these gadgets, which are set to highlight your safety and fun in the “Sun”.

What Bike Gadgets can you get your hands on?

The Kryptonite stronghold secutiry anchor of course is not just for summer and will increase security of your wonderful motorbike, all year around. The anchor bolts into concrete or cement, it can be folded down when it is not being used and it is even safe to drive over, it won’t get in the way or take up space.

Oxford Sports Hot Grips, can hear up to 50 degrees centigrade and will automatically turn off if they are left on accidentally. Keis Heated Vests can also be powered directly from the battery of your bike. If you are thinking what on Earth would you need these for for Summer? Well, we are in England.

Due to the longer daylight hours more bikers usually take more time on the roads, so suitable safety equipment is extremely important. Crash protectors, like the Branded Biker’s R&G, protect both the rider and the chassis of the bike in case of an accident. TCX x-Street leather sneakers are also useful for this, the retro look of them hides perfectly the ankle. heel and toe guards.

The Buhel Do2 Bluetooth Intercom Helmet can be used to make phone calls, hey GPS information and even listen to music, using wireless technology. This of course would not only make every ride a joyful journey, the icing on the cake is cameras used in helmets. In particular Motohaus’s range, the footage can be edited with most standard editing packages. Then you could upload what you have produced to Facebook or Youtube, so that you can capture every moment you experience on your bike. Sounds rather high tech.

Looking forward to the Summer would put any motorbike enthusiast in a good mood and browsing for the perfect biking gadgets allows bike lovers everywhere to ensure they have the perfect experience with their motorbike. These are just a few highlighted gadgets to try and enhance your fun and safety but there are plenty out there so if you are a bike enthusiast and have never purchased a gadget for your bike, then maybe this Summer is the time to start, regardless of the weather.

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