Moto GP returns in a months time with a bang

Valentino Rossi says he wishes he was raised in the 60's

In some news today coming out of the motorbike world, we are excited to report on the latest news heading out of motorbike racing and the Moto Gp which comes in the form of, the brand new 2014 season beginning in just over a months time and will be all set to come up with a bang. Over its time of existence, the moto gp has proven to be the benchmark of motorcycle racing slowly followed by both the world and British super bikes championship season. But with the shocking twists and turns that occured during last years Moto GP season regarding the youngest world champion ever Marc Marquez , the question is now, can the world champion hold on to his reign or will it be short lived ?. Although this seems to be the main focus point on this years season there is plenty of other happenings going on at this moment in the Moto GP world regarding other riders too.

Valentino Rossi to be all done with the Moto GP ?

With that being said what we mean by other news is that, at the the conclusion of last years season, Yamaha rider Valentino Rossi was thinking about giving it all up. Now in the most recent Valentino news, it has been stated that after the first six races of this season if he is still not getting big wins or podiums than the man himself could be all set to finish up his career not just with Yamaha, but the Moto GP as a whole. There has also been talk that he may see the whole season out before coming to a decision. Valentino is one of the biggest names the sport has ever seen but, with names like Marquez riding for the Honda team and Rossi’s current team mate Lorenzo for Yamaha we think it may just be a case of, the torch being passed on to the newer and future talent of the sport. Former Kawasaki and now Ducati rider Cal Crutchlow has also found himself on a factory bike this year rather than satelite he was struggling with last year. But with Ducati’s past failures over recent years we do wonder why he went to Ducati for this season when the odds are against him but, some people have the idea that he is chasing the money this year but this remains to be seen at this point as, Cal is hoping for his finest Moto GP season on a motorbike yet.

The Moto GP 2014 season

We are pleased to report that we see the official debut of the Moto Gp 14 season here in the UK live on the 23rd of March with their first round race from Qatar. You can catch all of the action on it’s new home of BT Sport which now have purchased the rights to the Moto GP from the BBC.

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