KTM make history with the E Speed for 2015

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In some news today coming directly out of the, motorbike world,we have the latest breaking news regarding the,Austrian motorcycle manufacturer known as KTM, who look all set to make history next year by launching one of the first,and all new Electric scooter for the motorbike world, and it comes in the shape and form of the KTM E Speed. The latest design from the company was originally revealed to the public and media alike back at,the Tokyo motor show of last year, but at that point in time it was only a concept idea by the brand, and its certainty of making the production line, was up in the air for a while, but not anymore. The brand have officially come out and stated that the KTM model they shown will be officially launched here in the UK and across other various parts of the world sometime throughout the duration of 2015.


What we know so far about the KTM E Speed

In terms of the KTM scooter’s time on the manufacturing line for the company, it has been reported that a lot of time and effort went into this history making two wheeled machine, and judging by what we know so far regarding the, techs,specs,features and gadgets of this particular model, it’s success for the future is still up in the air, but we hope that the model can prove to be a big seller in the motorbike world and could potentially set the benchmark for other top motorbike brands such as,Honda,Yamaha,Suzuki and Ducati and their future scooter models around the world. So what’s been done to the KTM E Speed during the production process ?.


Well firstly we see the inclusion of a, 350 cc, four stroke engine, along side a battery and motor that’s capabilities is still yet to be announced by the brand. This model will be the second in line when it comes to the electronic availability of bikes from KTM, with the first E model from the brand still a concept idea at this point but likely to go on sale sometime soon as the brand have confirmed which comes in the shape and form of the Freeride E model. In regards to anymore features of the bike itself, the brand are still yet to confirm anything and are keeping much of this E scooter under lock and key for now, but we do expect to hear more within the next few upcoming months on the matter.


The future for the E Speed from KTM

In terms of future plans for the model, the brand have announced that this latest piece of machinery for the future will be officially ready to go on sale at your nearest participating KTM dealership at some point throughout the duration of 2015, and the KTM E Speed scooter will be available to test in three European countries ahead of its release in the future.

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