Kawasaki launch the new Z1000 model

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In some news today to make its way out of the Japanese owned motorbike manufacturer Kawasaki, we are pleased to report on the official launch of the all new Z1000 model to make its way out of the company and has recently gone on sale here in the UK and around other parts of the world too. Over the years Kawasaki have proven to be great brand around the world and have had much success with models such as the likes of, the Ninja. With a lot of tough competition around now though from top selling brand’s what makes this Kawasaki model more special than the others ?.


The key selling points of the Kawasaki Z1000

So with this in midn, what has gone into this particular Kawasaki machine during production time to make it one of the better models to come from the mass manufacturer over recent years and, why should you invest into this particular 1000cc machine over anything similar on offer from rival brands such as the likes of, Honda,Suzuki or Yamaha ?. Well first and foremost we see the introduction of a 1000cc engine that comes fully liquid cooled with an electronic starter and digital ignition system. The Z1000 also comes with a direct fuel injection system allowing the fuel to have a much more direct flow through the engine with a sharper throttle response being the result. The bike also comes with a six speed transmission and a 17 litre, fuel tank capacity too.


In regards to the machines look and design structure, this Kawasaki addition comes in two paint schemes. The first being an all metallic black. With the alternative coming in the form of,black and orange.


How much does the Kawasaki Z1000 sell for ?

We can inform you that you can choose to make the investment into the Kawasaki Z1000 for a total cost of £9.499. In regards to when, you can make the purchase on this fantastic Kawasaki model right now from your closest Kawasaki dealership up and down the country right now and across other parts of the world that deal in Kawasaki too.

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