Honda officially launch the all new 1000RR fireblade

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In some news today coming directly out of the motorbike world and from the Japanese motorcycle brand known as Honda, we are excited to report on the latest news regarding the official release of the all new, CBR1000RR Fire blade model that has just been released a number of weeks back, onto our roads here in the UK and across other various parts of the world, and is currently taking the motorbike industry by storm.The latest addition to one of the longest Honda ranges in motorcycle history comes as a base color in a beautiful white,red and blue color,which matches that of the HRC racing colors. There are however different variations of paint jobs for you to choose from upon the time of purchase though.

Everything you need to know about the latest Honda Fireblade

In regards to some of the work that has gone into this machine during it’s time on the manufacturing line, we believe this could be all set to be one of the biggest and best in the Blade range yet. In terms of the look’s and design of the model itself, in our opinion the body layout is pretty much the same as past models in the line up but, the bike does also come complete with the brand new Honda racing logo embossed onto the tank. It shares a similar sort of seating layout including the raised passenger seat as the 600rr model from a number of years back now. But now for the big eye catching features and the reasoning why you would invest into another Honda, two wheeled machine. Firstly we see the welcome additions of, a liquid cooled, four stroke engine that comes in the form of 1000cc of power. It also comes pre fitted with an electronic fuel injection system, allowing for a much more even flow of fuel to the engine and a much smoother change in downshifts for the rider. It comes with an electronic start and,a six speed gearbox all as standard.

In regards to the cool technology features and heads up displays, we see the HUD display come full as an LCD screen and,we think that one of the coolest selling points of this machine is how well lit the, fuel gage,Rev meter and speedometer are which also comes very neatly with a,cockpit display that scrolls from left to right in a digital layout as your speed increases much similar to that used by the motorbikes in the Moto GP racing.  With all of these perfect attributes added together from Honda, we believe that this addition to the ever growing Honda range will provide to be a great top spot contender for the likes of Yamaha with the R1 and R6 and other brand’s such as Ducati and Suzuki.

Pricing and launch date for the all new Honda Fireblade

Firstly we are pleased to confirm that you can officially purchase your all new Honda model right now from your nearest participating Honda dealership, and you can invest into it for a starting cost of £11,999 with the price rising upwards varying on additional extras for you brand new Honda Fire blade 1000RR.

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