Honda motorcycles and vehicles are most stolen.

Honda motorcycles are most stolen.


We at Motorbike Gap Insurance have found that the Honda Accord and Honda Civic models are popular victims of car theft but a recent study by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NCIB) in America, shows that Honda motorcycles are also the most stolen brand. However, the figures in the UK are yet to be released by the DVLA.


The studies findings.


Out of the 46,061 two-wheel motorcycles stolen in 2012, 9,082 of them were of the Honda brand. While bad news for Honda and Honda vehicle owners, motorcycle theft went down from the 2011 figure of 46,667. The Toyota rival, Honda, are said to be one of, if not the most best selling manufacturer in the motorbike world.


Brands most stolen: Honda


The top five brands that were stolen were;

  • Honda at 9,082.
  • Yamaha at 7,517.
  • Suzuki at 7,017.
  • Kawasaki at 4,839.
  • Harley-Davidson at 3,755.

From there other brands were under the 1,000 mark for reported thefts.


Places most stolen from.

The top five places for motorcycle thefts were;

  • California where 6,082 of the thefts occurred.
  • Florida at 4,110 thefts.
  • Texas at 3,400 thefts.
  • North Carolina at 2,574 thefts.
  • Indiana at 2,334 thefts.

Along these;

  • New York City reported 903 thefts.
  • Las Vegas reported 757 thefts.
  • San Diego reported 633 thefts.
  • Indianopolis reported 584 thefts.
  • Miami reported 535.


Motorcycles are generally a seasonal mode of transportation making them most susceptible to thefts during the months when the weather is most conducive to their use. That is demonstrated in a temporal analysis of the thefts. Most thefts occurred during the summer months and the fewest during the winter. July had the highest number of reported thefts in 2012 with 5,529. August was next with 5,290 followed by June with 4,765. The fewest thefts were reported in February with 2,089 followed by January with 2,481 and December with 2,659.


Unfortunately, while the recovery rate for motor vehicle thefts in 2012 was 53.9 percent, for motorcycles in that same year it was only 39 percent. If not quickly recovered, stolen motorcycles are often “chopped” with their parts finding their way into the black market supply chain. Others are kept intact and resold to unsuspecting buyers after crude attempts to alter their identification. Still others are hidden away for years and, on occasion, recovered as they are in the process of being exported in shipping containers. Honda are currently plotting their way back to being the worlds best selling car manufacturer in the world.

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