Honda cbr300 r is officialy unveiled

Honda /Hayabusa rival

For a quite a few months now there has been rumorsĀ  circulated that Honda would be soon to debut the CBR300R. Will the rumors have officially become a confirmation. As at the china motorcycle trade show the latest CBR was officially unveiled. The latest fire blade model from Honda has the famous Repsol orange and white colors paint job on the bike itself, similar to that rode in the moto Gp by Championship winner Marc Marquez. In terms of style the CBR300R is basically a slightly smaller version of the 1000cc Repsol blade that has been available to the consumer for a number of years now.


What bits and pieces have Honda put into the CBR300R

Compared to its bigger brothers in the fire blade department of Honda, the CBR300R has been pre fitted with many unique features and variations compared to previous models in order to grab the consumers attention. Some of the specs of the latest vehicle from Honda include: A 286 cc single cylinder fuel injection engine that is liquid cooled and capable of hitting 8500 revs per minute. It also comes complete with a six speed manual gear shift, rear mono-shock unit and Honda’s standard c abs system. We can confirm that Honda have done a bit of work on the tail end of the bike as well by revamping the tail end of the CBR300R, to provide a different look from previous models of the fire blade.


When can you expect to pick up your CBR300R and for what cost?

Unfortunately we cannot give you a confirmed price date or release for the CBR300R yet as it is still yet to be officially confirmed by Honda directly. Honda have confirmed though that the latest addition to the Fire blade franchise will be available first in Honda showrooms throughout India, before it hits the European global market. India’s release is set to be sometime after the official auto show in 2014. It is expected that the launch for the CBR300R in European dealerships will be sometime soon afterwards.

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