Hesketh to re define their brand

Classic and updated bikes

Although not a massively well known name amongst some with interests in the car and motorbike world,Hesketh are indeed well liked and respected by those who do know of their existence. The British based company are hoping to boost their brand awareness within the next upcoming year, with the introduction of their newest machine, which comes in the form of a new motorbike being called the ’24′. The idea of the hesketh 24 itself takes a design idea from that of it’s previous formula 1 history. Former racer for the sport James Hunt, used the car known as the 24 many years ago now, with its unique red,white and blue styling and design. The new motorbike in production is based on that design, in order to help boost its awareness and gain interest from current motor bike owners and possibly even those looking to start out for the first time on a two wheeled machine.


It’s not just the Hesketh ’24′ look, its the experience as well

We think that the hesketh itself looks great, it has that retro style of look and design to it, that other companies just could not manage to perfect over some years, but we think Hesketh have got it spot on. Firstly the look of the bike, we think that the designing itself looks somewhat similar of the old style two wheeler released by Japanese company Honda RC30 model that was released back in 1990 here in the United Kingdom. It shares the same similar rear look, which we think suits it nicely. The hesketh 24′s coloring itself as we reported is mostly white with red and blue stripes spreading downwards toward the footrests. In terms of the engine size, capacity and what it is capable of. The British manufacturer’s have stated that the bike comes with a huge 1950 cc, V twin engine resulting in around 120 brake horse power. It comes complete with an Ohlins suspension system and BST carbon fibre wheels, allowing a more dynamic and agile speed pick up if on the road, or indeed picking up speeds on a track. We don’t believe that this newly constructed machine from Hesketh, will be a huge contender in the brand domination with companies such as Yamaha, Suzuki, Ducati and Kawasaki, but we do think this hesketh bike stands out from the rest, considering its limited availability and unique design.


The ironic meanings of ’24′ and the release of the hesketh

There is some good news here, and bad news alike for the  24.  Unfortunately we have learned  that the unique name of the bike, is not just a fancy idea. As the ’24′ actually is the amount of stock that will be available for the motorbike in various parts of the world much like we have seen with many limited edition vehicles including cars in Japan,China,UK,Germany,Spain and even motorbikes and cars from America as well. This is an extremely limited edition of the latest hesketh designed machine  that will be available for purchase, so the advice is to get in quick to make an order for the machine and purchase. Sadly though the company have not yet released the price or release date for the bike, but we are expecting an official announcement from Hesketh sometime in the near future.

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