Ducati officially launch the Diavel Strada

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In some motorbike news today coming directly out of the Italian motorbike company known as Ducati, we are happy to report on the latest breaking news regarding the official launch of the all new Diavel Strada model from the brand which in our opinion looks to have a perfect combination of sports and tourer. The vehicle itself overall, was designed to be a tourer model and, could very well prove to be one of the the finest Ducati models ever made. The brand have always been famous for their line up of sporty two wheeled machine such as the likes of, the 999 which has proven to be the biggest seller for Ducati over recent memory and with such models, the mass manufacturer have always proved themselves to be a great rival around the world for other bike companies such as,Yamaha and Honda. But what is it that makes this all new Ducati machine something special and stand out above the rest ?.

Everything you need to know about the Ducati Diavel Strada

So with that being said, the question could potentially be on your mind as to why should you choose to make an investment into this brand new Ducati model and what is so special that makes it a great rival for other brands too such as Triumph and Suzuki. Well firstly we are pleased to announce that, we see the complete welcome addition of, an 1198 cc engine that comes directly with  four valves per cylinder and an, electronic fuel injection system, providing a much more direct and efficient flow of fuel to the system, therefore, creating a much more smooth and dynamic experience for the rider overall. The exhaust system put in place also comes pre fitted with,a catalytic converter and two,aluminium mufflers. This is to help reduce noise whilst, still keeping a lovely sound from the Ducati built machine as a whole. It also comes fully loaded with a six speed transmission system and,a two piston, floating caliper braking system that,also comes along side the standard ABS system.

In regards to some of the more eye catching features of this motorbike and what we believe could potentially be some key selling points, we see these come in the shape and form of,all new LCD displays for your fuel gage, speedometer and Rev counter. Heated grips, a passenger back rest and side panniers also come as part of the package too.

So how much will the Ducati Diavel Strada set you back ?

Well firstly in regards to an official launch date on this all new Ducati machine, we are excited to report that you can officially purchase yours right now from your nearest Ducati dealership and, you can expect to invest into the all new Ducati Diavel Strada for a cost of £15,750.

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