Ducati Hypermotard for 2014

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In some news today coming out of the Ducati motorbike world, we are pleased to report on the latest news regarding the Italian iconic motorbike brand known as Ducati, which comes in the form of one of their latest models the Hypermotard 2014 version. Judging from first glance at this bike, you will first and foremost notice, the classic bright red colour Ducati fans are used to, which still to this day puts smiles on faces when it comes to making an investment into a Ducati machine. In terms of the look and design of this specific model itself, we believe that in our honest opinion the model looks somewhat similar in layouts to that of a machine from rival two wheeler company KTM.


What is the Ducati Hypermotard like in terms of specs ?

In terms of the built in design aspect of one of the latest Ducati models, the company have always had their main priority focused soley on performance and power , with a little bit of thrown in comfort combining to the mix. In terms of the techs and design aspect of this particular model, we see the welcome addition to the line up of a, four valve, twin cylinder,liquid cooled engine, providing a much more directly fuel source to the engine of the bike, allowing for a much more smooth riding experience for the rider in general. It comes complete with a electronic fuel injection system and, a single stainless steel muffler adapted to the exhaust on the machine.


The bike comes with an aluminium side swing arm and a steel chassis. Two piston calliper brakes are also a welcome addition to the Hypermotard machine from Ducati. In terms of standard equipment you can expect to come complete with this particular Ducati machine, expect to see the inclusion of,Ducati ABS secruity system,Anti theft system,heated grips and a fully functional sat-nav system, all as standard. Therefore producing a motorbike that could be a strong top class contender for the likes of Honda,Yamaha and Suzuki.


The way forward for Ducati machines in the future

In terms of future releasing for Ducati, we do expect to see this particular model go on sale here in the UK sometime within the next few upcoming months. In terms of a pricing structure on this particular Ducati model, you can expect to purchase the all new Ducati Hypermotard model, from a base price starting at £9,695.

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