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In a follow up news story today, from a little something we posted a few weeks ago now, the BMW S1000R motorbike has officially been launched today into the motor bike global market, and is now available at your nearest dealership to purchase. The latest to their ever growing line of motor bike addition’s, has come a long way from when the company first debuted their two wheeled machines to rival the likes of Honda,Suzuki and Yamaha amongst many other competitor’s, who also have a range of both motorbikes and cars under their belt. Today’s launch of the S1000R occurs in most parts of the world minus one or two countries that will have to wait a month or two before receiving their latest investment.

More specs revealed on the S1000R

When we first reported on the machine itself, at the time only a limited amount of details were officially available for the S1000R , but we are happy to report that we now have more for you to get a grasp of when it comes to the latest produced motor from the German company. For starters it comes complete with 999cc inline four cylinder engine,11,000rpm,a longer wheelbase than previous motor bikes in the line and more updated traction and comfort style for the rider. Adjustable 46mm front and rear forks are also included, along side it’s rear shock system that has been installed and its damper control. A new seat that is 16mm shorter than others provides a closer reach for those who don’t want the restrictions when getting on and off the German product, and it comes complete with a Brembo braking system, allowing a smoother and more effective brake system than ever before with their new S1000R.

How much will the S1000R set you back ?

With the fantastic news that the latest from BMW has launched today across most parts of the globe, you may be wondering I would love one of these machines, but how much is it going to cost me ?. Well we can confirm that the price of the S1000R is coming in at a value of £9,990, making this one of the finest pieces of machinery from BMW in recent year’s. We expect the S1000R to be a big success in the bike market for the company.

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