As motorbike production rises, casualties fall?

What is motorbike Gap Insurance

In motorbike news today a survey has been recently conducted which ended with the conclusion being that motorcyclists can often be hard to see when traveling on the road by other vehicles and drivers. The main idea coming from this poll that was recently conducted is   that an increase of motorcyclists on the road would generate more awareness for them from other vehicle’s and other forms of transport with seeing them out and about on our roads a lot more often.

Poll figures reveal bad results for motorbike riders

In the recent survey conducted, it was revealed that around fifty seven percent of car and other vehicle drivers are surprised by a motorcyclist appearing from out of nowhere whilst on the road. One of the main ideas coming from this is that over the past couple of years since the introduction of cycle lanes around our country, awareness for cyclists in the UK has been greatly increased.  The idea now is that the same amount of awareness and caution wants to  be set in place for the benefit of motorbike riders. Fifty four percent of people stated that they would be greatly more aware of motorcyclists on our roads if there were a lot more about and other precaution measures where indeed put in place.

The future of motorbikes compared to that of cars on our roads

As previously stated with all of the bicycle awareness that has been  put in place over the past few years here in the UK, the question is now, thanks to this survey that was conducted through thousands of people here in the UK, will the awareness and precautions be stepped up as much as we have previously seen for motorbike riders,scooter riders and other forms of vehicle that explore on two wheels? It can be said that motorbikes can cause less incidents due to their slim models and ability to glide past traffic, but this is really just a matter of opinion amongst both car and motorbike consumers. Either way the question now remains how will the future of motorbike awareness be affected?


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