VRI Gap Insurance

You may have heard of VRI Gap Insurance in that last few years, the idea behind it is that is covers you to the replacement value of your vehicle, even if that cost goes up over time. Sounds great, but did you know you can get VRI Gap Insurance for your motorbike?

So how would VRI Gap Insurance work for a motorbike?

Well lets say you buy a BMW F650 in 2011, and it cost 8,500 pounds.

VRI Gap Insurance
Get VRI Gap Insurance to cover your replacement cost

Two years later the bike is written off, either in an accident or stolen. Your own comprehensive vehicle insurance pay the market value at the time, say 4,000. So in 2013, the exact same model BMW is now 9,500 pounds, so if you wish to purchase a new model, you would have to find 5,500 to do so. VRI Gap Insurance for your motorbike would cover this difference, providing you with the funds to purchase the new, replacement model.

Sounds Great!!

So where can you find VRI Gap Insurance for motorbikes?

Well here is where the problems start. Getting Motorbike Gap Insurance of any kind is difficult enough, let alone getting the top level VRI Gap Insurance. Most motorbike dealers will not do it, and in fact only a very small number of Insurers even offer it in the first place. One such Insurer, is AM Trust Europe, who are ‘A’ rated financially and provide a large number of insurance policies through many different industries. However, they do no sell directly to the public, so look for a dealer who does or an online broker such as EasyGap.co.uk who provide their products.

Things to remember with Motorbike VRI Gap Insurance are to set enough of a ‘claim limit’ to cover both the depreciation of your motorbike, and the likley inflationary effects of having to replace it. Also, remember you need to have fully comprehensive motorbike insurance to qualify for gap insurance as a top up.

Let the worry of replacing your motorbike be a thing of the past, Motorbike VRI Gap Insurance is here to stay!

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