RTI Gap Insurance

Return to Invoice, or RTI Gap Insurance is a way of protecting the investment made in your motorbike. If your motorbike is written off or stolen, the rti gap insurance cover will pay the difference between your insurers settlement at the time, and the original price you paid for the motorbike.

Get all your money back with RTI Gap Insurance

So if you pay 10,000 pounds today, and your motorbike is stolen in say 3 years time, your insurers may say it has a market value of 6,000. The RTI Gap Insurance for your motorbike will pay the 4,000 the vehicle has depreciated in that time. The end result? you get all your original 10,000 back to spend on a new motorbike!

Sounds a good idea does it not, but what is the catch?

RTI Gap Insurance
Losing your Motorbike need now be stressfull with RTI Gap Insurance

Well you will need to have fully comprehensive motorbike insurance usually. This is because your own insurers will have to pay out the market value if the bike is written off. If you only have third party cover then you may not get this.

Other than that, RTI Gap Insurance for your motorbike is fairly straightforward. There may be the usula restrictions on modifications etc, but just have a good look through the small print.

So where can you get Motorbike RTI Gap Insurance?

Well here is the catch, not as many insurers will cover motorbikes as they will cars for gap insurances. On the plus side, many motorbike dealers can offer it, and RTI Gap Insurance for your motorbike is the most popular form available. Other suppliers would include online brokers for motorbike gap insurance. Remember also, that there may be other levels of motorbike gap insurance available that could suit you better, such as VRI Gap Insurance.

However, if you just want to cover the original price you paid, then RTI Gap Insurance for your motorbike may well be the perfect solution!

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