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Suzuki confirm the brand new GSXR-1000 for this year!

In some news today aimed specifically at the motorbike universe, the popular and well loved Japanese car and motorbike brand Suzuki, have officially announced the production aspect and design details on a brand new GSXR model set to see its debut at some point throughout this year. Over the years the GSXR line of two […]


Yamaha reveal their all new MT-09 concept model

In the world of motorbikes today, Japanese owned company Yamaha have revealed their latest concept bike idea to the world and it comes in the form of the mysterious MT-09. Specs and pictures have been released online regarding the new two wheeler from the company, and with its sporty style look and all black design […]

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Hesketh to re define their brand

Although not a massively well known name amongst some with interests in the car and motorbike world,Hesketh are indeed well liked and respected by those who do know of their existence. The British based company are hoping to boost their brand awareness within the next upcoming year, with the introduction of their newest machine, which […]

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Riders on motorbikes harder to see on roads?

According to a recent survey from the AA, 85% of drivers have said that they believe people on motorbikes are hard to see. These statistics were presented by Edmund King, who is the current president of the AA, whilst in London this week addressing motorbiking conference on Sharing the roads.It was also concerning to see […]

Ducati get new boss

Ducati have named their new boss

Claudio Domenicali is the new boss at Ducati. Its all change at the top for the iconic brand. It has been announced that Gabrielle Del Torchio, who is the CEO at Ducati, is being replaced by Claudio Domenicali. The rumours emerged earlier this week that suggested that Del Torchio was going to be leaving the […]

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Motorbike Gadgets for Summer

Every day people around the UK have that little expectation that the weather is going to get better and maybe we may have some warm weather this Spring and Summer. Incase that day ever does arrive, motorbike enthusiasts looking to enjoy a sunny future, ¬†may be impressed with these gadgets, which are set to highlight […]

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Why should you have Gap Insurance?

Gap insurance for your motorbike could literally be one of the smartest things you will ever take out.

Valentino Rossi says he wishes he was raised in the 60's

Valentino Rossi expresses his love of the 60′s

Valentino Rossi says he would have loved to live in the 60′s Valentino Rossi, the Italian professional motorbike racer and multiple MotoGP World Champion has expressed that he would love to have been raised in the 60′s. One of the most successful motorbike racers of all time, with 9 Grand Prix World Championships under his […]


Sales for New motorbikes are still falling

Sales figures for new motorbikes¬†from around Europe have shown that there is very little sign of a recovery in the motorbike market in the United Kingdom, though there hasn’t been an upturn of sales recently in America. The recent stats from the European motorcycle industry association revealed that the overall sales of powered two wheelers […]

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