Wayne Rooney designs Lauge Jensen bike for charity

Wayne Rooney designs motorbike for auction

If you thought that the art of designing motorbikes was a true rarity, left only to the absolute professionals to be able to produce a fantastic piece, then look no further. Footballer Wayne Rooney has none other than designed a motorbike, though it is all for a good cause, so we are happy to announce it.

Wayne Rooney helped design the bike, which features an autographed shirt

The Lauge Jensen 2012 cruiser style motorbike is being auctioned off in Chester. The bike has been customised with a unique shift rod which has 21 black diamonds attached, along with one white. The main customisation feature of the bike however, is the autographed, number 10 football shirt that has been laquer sealed on to the petrol tank of the motorbike.

Wayne Rooney is raising money for KidsAid, a children’s charity

The money that this fantastic and unique looking bike is going to a Danish Children’s charity KidsAid, which help sick children that are suffering from a variety of different illnesses and the bike is expected to raise anything from £40,000-60,000 at auction. Lets hope it’s a little bit more as the more money people can raise for charity the better. Wayne Rooney exclaimed that he was extremely excited to be involved in the one off designing of the bike and it has to be said, no matter who you support that it is a rather interesting one off piece.

On the rear mudguard of the bike, is featured a painting of Wayne Rooney’s celebrations after his goal that helped Manchester United towards the 2011 Premier League title victory.

The bike is due to be auctioned off today at Bonhams sports memorabilia auction which is held in Chester. Of course, this is not necessarily a bike for all motorbike enthusiasts out there, it is understood that many people would not want to be involved in the purchasing of a Manchester United shrine on wheels. However, to a Manchester United fan this is an excellent piece of memorabilia and for the right price, it of course could be theirs. Lets hope there are many Motorcycle and Manchester United lovers at the auction today offering way more than the expected price, so that more money than anticipated, can go to the KidsAid charity, maybe even Wayne Rooney’s team mates will turn up for a bid.

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