Triumph are on the lookout for new racing talent

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Triumph have recently launched their third year of the Young Guns competition which is designed to help young racers with talent, with the support and coaching necessary to try and take them onto the next level. The Young Guns scheme is open to all amateur ACU-licensed riders, from ages 15 and 20. The applicants are then whittled down to ten people who are then put through a number of training sessions and then are assessed by experts on a panel, a little like the X Factor with bikes.

Triumph training sessions include personal fitness and bike setup

The training sessions that the applicants will be involved in include bike setup, personal fitness, racecraft and even guidance on marketing and promotion. The academy’s aim is to help young talented riders develop skills that will help them by successful in the future of motorcycle racing. Then three of the riders will be chosen by the panel of experts and will come to the most exciting part of the process, going head to head on the track. The winner of the competition will then be given a factory supported ride in the Triumph Triple challenge in 2014.

In 2011, Chrissy Rouse won the Triumph Young Guns competition and rode in the triple challenge in 2012 against a number of far more experienced riders, however he finished phenomenally in third place, despite being less experienced.

This coming year, the winner from 2012, Tom Oliver will be joining in the Triumph  hoping that he can do as well as Chrissy did. He said that the Young Guns initiative is far more than a competition and has provided him with a lot of insight into the world of motorbikes. He went on to say how well Chrissy did in the competition and he is looking forward to incorporating everything he has learnt so that he can do well in the Triumph Triple challenge.

If you are an amateur rider, looking to better your skills get googling the Triumph Young Guns competition now and involve yourself.

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