Sales for New motorbikes are still falling


Sales figures for new motorbikes from around Europe have shown that there is very little sign of a recovery in the motorbike market in the United Kingdom, though there hasn’t been an upturn of sales recently in America. The recent stats from the European motorcycle industry association revealed that the overall sales of powered two wheelers were down by 18.5% in January of this year, in comparison to the same month of last year, one of the worst years in recent memory.

What are the latest new motorbike sales?

The figures also break down to indicate that new motorcycle sales are down by 17.3% whilst mopeds are doing even worse in the market, dropping by 20.8%.

Though the United Kingdom figures are poor, they are actually better than the European average figures, with overall sales showing to be down by 14% in January. The moped figures are again worse, down by 17.1%, there is also a drop of 13.4% for motorcycles.

Italy have appeared to have come off worst of all, with new motorbike sales appearing to be down more than 1/4 in comparison to January of the previous year.

Germany have losses that are among the lowest, at 4.5% which is thanks to the country having a stronger economy than a lot of it’s neighboring countries and a growth in the sales of mopeds.

Sweden have shown a significant 20.4% growth in motorbike sales, though due to the motorbike market in the large country being rather small, the statistic is rather meaningless.

New motorbikes are not as popular as second hand?

Regardless of the horrendous new motorbike sales, the activity of riding itself is far from diminishing. Further results from the European Motorcycle Industry shows that the number of active motorcycles in Europe is actually higher than it was before the beginning of the Euro-Zone crisis. So whilst motorbike dealers and manufacturers are not impressed with the demand for new bikes, the hobby itself is just as strong as it ever was. It just appears that bike lovers everywhere are holding onto their older bikes or buying them second hand.

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