Progress at Ducati?

Progress at Ducati?

Bernard Gobmeier, the General Manager of Ducati has insisted that the company is making progress, however he has admitted that unfortunately Ducati are no match for the development of rivals Yamaha and Honda. He expressed that the level of performances that have been witnessed from competitors of the Italian Brand have been extremely high, especially Jorge Lorenzo of Yamaha and Dani Pedrosa of Honda, exclaiming that they have made rather large advancements recently. The General manager admitted that even with the recent changes the Ducati company has made, it is still struggling to catch up with competitors.

Ducati General Manager Gobmeier stays optimistic

Gobmeier appeared to be moderately optimistic whilst he was reflecting on the testing at Sepang last week, whilst he was sticking to the party line on the evolution not revolution approach from Ducati. He explained that what the company is having at the moment is a rather intermediate result, he repeated that like he said, the company needs some more time to develop and adjust, though at the moment they are pretty happy with the progress that Ducati is making.

Ducati riders recorded 9th and 8th fastest times

During Sepang last week, riders for Ducati Nicky Hayden and Andrea Dovizioso recorded ninth and eigth fastest times, respectively, which was a slight improvement from their performance in a previous test.

Dani Pedrosa came in at the top for the last ride at Seponga, with Jorge Lorenzo came third.

They are not the only company worrying however as many manufacturers of both cars and motorbikes have been struggling to pull the sales out of the bag recently. Lets hope that the progress at Ducati continues to climb.

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